Custom Horns

For Halloween 2017 please note:  

In order to get your custom / made-to-order horns by October 31st, you must get your order in before October 2nd. 

After October 2nd, we can no longer guarantee we can get these horns to you in time for Halloween 2017.  

You may still place the order, and as always will do our best to get them to you as soon as possible.

Demon Horns

Ram Horns

Devil Horns

Unicorn Horns

Goat Horns

Devil Horns

What are custom horns?

These are horns we 3D Print on-demand based on a variety options from which you can choose:

  • Size - each shape has several size options listed on the product page, but you can order a custom size if needed - contact us to inquire.
  • Base Color - you can choose from a variety of colors that the main horn body will be
  • Tint Color - you can choose if you want a tint and what color - tint is where we 'patina' the horn with a second color to bring out the texture of the horn
  • Attachment Method - we offer a number of different ways to wear or attach our horns:
    • Self-locking, clear, stretchy headband technique - the easiest and most comfortable attachment method if you have hair.
    • Glue-on to skin - if you have no hair or want to attach the horns to another part of your body aside from your head, this attachment method comes with a customizable base using a skin-safe silicone putty that you shape to your head for a perfect fit.  We also supply the extra strength skin-safe adhesive called Medical Adhesive - a silicone based that is the strongest available.
    • Glue on to objects - if you want to glue the horns onto an inanimate object like a helmet or some armor, this method allows you to use an epoxy putty or other glue that adheres plastic to your surface of choice.
    • Screw-on to objects - if you want to securely attach your horns to an object with a thin, flat surface like sheet-metal, leather, sheet-plastic, wood veneer, etc.  these horns come with a special base with a screw-tapped base into which you can screw the screw.

Custom shaped horns and other costume accessories or props
When you want something for which we don't already have a mold or 3D mesh built and must essentially start from scratch, that is custom.  This also includes taking an existing item or shape and having it modifed in some way to suit your needs.  With custom, to a great extent, we are only limited to your imagination (and the abilites of our technologies and the skills of our employees, contractors and partners - which is actually quite extensive).  If you are not sure, just ask, you may be surprised with what is possible - just be ready - the more complex and labor involved the more and more it will cost.  Also note that we do and have done more than just horns, so again please feel free to ask - it can't hurt and we might just say yes :-)

Be aware that fully Custom horns generally start at $100 and price is based on the size of the horns (item) and the amount of design labor involved.  Any images, drawings, sketches or photos or examples of any aspect of what you want/need to be made will help us create your dream more easily and accurately.

Note: All Custom items take  roughly 1-3 weeks before they ship.  There are some exceptions to this rule, but there may be rush charges involved and nothing is guaranteed. If you are concerned, contact us for an estimate.

Please send us a message on our Contact Us page and we will happily do what we can to make your dream horns, and other costuming items come true.

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