Custom Horns


  • Cupid horns were originally designed for a 1yr old's birthday - hence the name.
  • These diminutive horns can be worn by themselves or along side a larger pair for an extra horny addition.
  • Great for adorning many household objects - simply use an epoxy glue and glue to almost anything. 
  • Perfect as motorcycle helmet horns or bicycle helmet horns.
  • Can be worn with the virtually invisible clear-stretchy-headband.
  • Can also be glued-on your head, a helmet or other objects.
  • Can be screwed onto hats, armor, or other similar materials.
  • Illustrated instructions included with every pair.
0.75in (1.9cm) tall
0.75in (1.9cm) base dia. 
0.25oz (7gm) / pair
Cupid Red Horns
Price: $9.45
Cupid Red Horns are cast in a solid resin, painted red with a black tint in the horn texture. A very childlike inner demon look.
Cupid White Horns
Price: $11.60
Cupid White Horns are cast in a bone-white resin, with a black tint in the texture of the horn. A very realistic and natural looking style.