Custom Horns
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Invisible Headbands Attachment Option

This method allows you to wear your horns in your hair without glue.

With this option, we cast the horns with our original and uniquely shaped holes in the base of each horn for the clear, stretchy headband to hold the horns securely on your head.  This propritary method allows the horns to be adjusted along the length of the cord, yet will stay in place without the use of knots. Multiple cord holes allow for many different orientations on the cord for many different looks. The clear cord hides in your hair so easily, it looks like they are growing out of your head and will feel so comfortable you can wear them all night long.

 The Invisible Headband option for custom horns includes the following:

  • Three clear stretchy headband cords (one and two replacements - for when you want to change the orientation and look of the horns)
  • Three holes in the base of each horn, rotated about 120 degrees from each other to give each pair of horns more than 12 different looks.
  • The holes through which the invisible cords run, are in the underside of the base and so stay out of site, and their proprietary shape makes them self locking 
  • Curved rigid bases for comfort
  • Full set of instructions for how to use the clear-cord to wear the horns in your hair making the attachment virtually invisible.

Click here to see the instructions


 Glue-on-Skin Attachment Option

 The Glue-on-Skin option for custom horns  includes the following:

  • Quick cure, skin-safe, silicone putty for customizing the fit to your head (See slideshow below to see how it works)
  • 15mL of our Medical Adhesive for many applications of the hrons, contained in a glass bottle with a brush in the cap for ease of use.
  • 30mL of Medical Adhesive Remover for ease of removal of the horns and clean-up of the glue afterward
  • Full set of instructions for how to use the silicone putty, medical adhesive and remover.
  • A $30 value for only $15 extra

Screw-on Attachment Option

 The Screw-on option for custom horns includes the following:

  • A rigid base tapped with a hole for a wood screw
  • A screw and washers for each horn

This option allows you to attach your horns to any object you can screw through, like a wig, costume helmet, sheet metal, thin plywood, leather, etc.  

The included screw and washers will allow you to screw your horns to any thin material like cloth, leather, sheet metal, thin plywood, etc.