Custom Horns
Invisible Headband Attachment Instructions

You can wear the horns in long hair or in short hair with the clear headband. The clear cord is very stretchy, fits over your head and hides in your hair making it virtually invisible. Once in place, the horns can be adjusted along the length of the cord by simply lifting the horns up and sliding them to the desired position. Once you release the horns, they automatically "lock" in place thanks to the "U" shaped hole in the base of the horn. This "U" shaped hole / channel allows the horns to stay in-place without tying knots in the cord to hold the horns in place. This same technique can be used to put the horns on other similar objects like hats, wigs and babies.

1. All horns come with the clear headband pre-tied to fit most heads. When you take the horns out of the package, hold the horns in your left hand and the knot in the cord in your right hand. With the horns on your forehead, pull the knot over your head to the base of your head at the back.

2. You will know if the cord is the correct size for your head if the horns stay in place when you move your head and the cord feels comfortable on your skin.

- If the cord is too loose, take the horns off and tie a new knot in the cord a little closer to the horns than the previous knot. (see 14 below) Try the horns on again and continue the process untill the horns feel comfortable and don't move until you lift them up and move them on the string - they were designed to do that!

- If the cord is too tight and uncomfortable you will need to customize the cord or replace it. You can try to undo the knot in the cord with a pin, or you can cut the cord and use the spare that is included. Once the horns have a new/refurbished cord, go down to #9 below and follow the directions for "Changing and customizing the clear headband for your head "

Wearing and hiding the Clear Headband in Short Hair or Wigs

3. Slide the Horns on your head, stretching the cord around the back. Next, pull the Horns forward into your preferred position. Horns can easily be adjusted side-to-side by lifting them above your head and sliding them along the cord. When you set them back down in place, they should stay and not slide. If they do slide, the cord is too loose - follow the directions above (see #2).

4. To make the cord disappear in your hair, find a pick-comb, pencil, PDA stylus, toothpick, or similar object of the dull pointed-stick variety. Using the dull pointed end, guide the tool along the cord and against your scalp, moving the hair out from under the cord and adjusting the hair over the cord to conceal it. Style your hair as desired.

Wearing and hiding the Clear Headband in Long Hair or Wigs

5. Slide the Horns on your head, stretching the cord around the back. Position your horns where you will want them to be. Make note of the path of the cord around your head.

6. Remove the horns, and part your hair along the path of the cord, brushing the front portion forward, and tying the back portion into a ponytail.

7. Slide the cord and the Horns over the ponytail and into position.

8. Let the ponytail down, then flip the front section of your hair back, over, and around the Horns to hide the cord. Style your hair, and with some practice, you'll find a technique that fits your own style. You can also use the string to tie the horns on to hair "buns" or "pig tails" - experiment and have fun with your horns!

Changing and customizing the clear headband

The following information will help you replace a cord that is too tight, or change the orientation of the horns on the headband.

9. The Horns may be threaded in two ways, allowing the Horns to be worn in two positions on the head. Hold the Horns to your head and decide which orientation you prefer.

10. Gently slide the cord through the holes in the bottom of the Horns, twisting the cord back and forth if it sticks.

11. Place the Horns on your head in the position you have selected. Hold them in place by keeping tension on the cord. Wrap the cords around the back until they meet at the base of your head.

12. Pinch the two cords together in one hand and keeping your fingers pinched tightly together, pull the Horns and cord off your head.

13. Make a mark with a felt pen on both parts of the cord where your fingers are pinching the cord, - this is where the knot will go.

14. Tie a knot with both ends of the cord at the marks made with the pen. The best knot to use is a "Half Hitch" as illustrated at left. Make sure the knot is pulled very tightly in order to avoid cord slippage.

15. Place the Horns on your head again to make sure the fit is snug and comfortable. If it's not, untie the knot, using a pin to loosen it, and repeat steps 11 thru 15. When you're happy with the fit, use scissors to cut off the excess cord. Now style your hair and enjoy your horns!

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