Custom Horns

We do our best to make the most versatile, stylish, realistic, easy-to-wear, sophisticated and high-tech horns available anywhere.  We have been continually improving our products since we began back in 1999.  

The answers to the most common questions about our horns are listed below:

  • What is the difference between Resin, 3D and Custom Horns?
  • How can I attach them?
  • Do they come with instructions?
  • What if I want something you don't have listed?  

We have 3 major categories of horns: Resin, 3D Printed and Custom:

Resin Horns:

  • Made of solid resin, for a realistic look and feel
  • Can be drilled, tapped, sanded, painted, etc.
  • All come strung with the Self-locking Clear Stretchy Headband - a Pan's Devil Horns Original creation developed before anyone else in 1999. Often imitated (poorly), but never duplicated.
  • Can be glued onto skin or any object (with the appropriate adhesives)
  • These are the original horns Jonathan Hyman (Founder/Lead Designer) started creating back 1999

3D Printed Horns:

  • Ultra-light: 1/3 the weight of the resin horns thanks to the latest in 3D Printing!
  • Double the number of looks per pair from 4 to 8 thanks to an additional cord hole in the base of the horns,
  • New and improved base colors and paints, and more options becoming available every month.
  • All 3D Horns come with detailed and illustrated instructions.
  • History: Jonathan 3D printed the first pair of horns back in 2007 and has since used this technology to produce the most advanced, comfortable and versatile costume devil horns in the most variety of shapes and colors available anywhere.

Custom Horns:

  • AKA: 'Create-Your-Own' Horns, 'Made-to-Order' Horns, or 'Just-How-You-Like'em' Horns
  • These are horns you create by choosing from a number of shapes, colors, tints and attachment methods.
  • All these horns are 3D Printed to be ultra light weight and very durable.
  • Choose from all of our available attachment methods.
  • Custom shapes, colors, tints and glitter are also available - just ask.
  • All custom horns come with detailed and illustrated instructions

How are the horns attached?

There are 4 basic attachment methods we offer:

  • 'Invisible' Headband: Our Patent Pending, Self-locking,Clear & Stretchy Headband technique for wearing our horns comfortably and virtually invisibly in your hair.
  • Glue-on Skin: Due to the curved shape of the base of the horns, you can glue them onto the scalp or forehead (or any other exposed skin) using our extremely strong skin-safe adhesives: Pan's Prosthetic Adhesive and Pan's Medical Adhesive
  • Glue-on Objects: They can be glued onto virtually any object (like a helmet) with an epoxy glues (especially the putty type), hot-glue, crazy glue, etc.
  • Screw-on Objects: With the Resin and Custom horns, you can request the option for screwing the horns to thin-flat mateirals like leather, sheet-metal, cloth, plywood etc.

NOTE: All of our Resin Horns and 3D Printed Horns can be attached with all of the above methods. If you order Custom Horns, you must specify which method you will be using.

Can you get multiple 'looks' from each pair of horns?

  • Most styles (shapes) of horns are asymetrical, chiral, or have "handedness"  (i.e. each horn in a pair of horns are mirror images of the other, but are not superimposable) which gives you multiple different looks depending if the horns are pointing toward eachother on the cord (switching sides) and/or are facing back or forward.

How do I wear or apply them? Do they come with instructions?

  •  All Horns come with detailed and illustrated instructions and our staff are always happy to talk you through any issues you may have with your horns.

What if I want something you don't have listed like custom shapes or other costume accessories or props?

Custom Shapes/Colors for horns and Custom Costume Accessories, Props, Jewelry, etc.
When you want something we don't have, this is considered fully custom.  This also includes taking an existing item or shape and having it modifed in some way to suit your needs.  

With fully custom items, to a great extent, we are only limited to your imagination.  If you are not sure, just ask, you may be surprised with what is possible.  Also note that we do and have done more than just horns, so again please feel free to ask - it can't hurt and we might just say yes :-)

NOTE: We have the ability to make most small items out of a number of plastics, metals, and rubbers.

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