Custom Horns

We carry the two best types of skin-safe adhesives that allow you to glue our top quality costume prosthetics, appliances and hair, directly to your skin.  We have spent over a decade testing professional grade skin-safe adhesives from all major manufacturers and have found what we think is by far the strongest and longest lasting.  It is hard to find these professional grade adhesives in amounts smaller than 1 or 2 oz and that is if you know where to look. Since we repackage this manufacturer's adhesives into smaller bottles, we are not allowed to mention their name, however you can be assured that they supply makeup and adhesives to some of the largest stage shows all over the world.  Also, if you are wondering why we don't have any spirit gum here, that is because it is essentially useless compared to our Prosthetic and Medical adhesives.

Prosthetic Adhesive
- a very strong skin-safe glue
- latex based
- works very well with Pan's devil horns, latex hollow horns, latex appliances, moustaches, beards, bald-caps, wigs, pasties etc.
- sweat resistant
- starts white, dries clear
- Prosthetic Adhesive Remover is highly recommended for ease of cleanup

Medical Adhesive
- THE STRONGEST and most flexible skin-safe glue you can buy
- silicone based
- works VERY well with ALL horns, hair prosthetics, moustaches, beards, beads, pasties, jewels etc.
- NOT recommended for thin Latex Prosthetic Appliances like latex scars, hollow latex horns or other thin latex materials as the remover solvent can destroy the appliance.  Instead use Prosthetic Adhesive.
- VERY sweat resistant
- starts clear or milky, dries clear
- very flexible
- requires Medical Adhesive Remover for easy cleanup

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Medical Adhesive 15mL (0.5oz) [MASM]
Price: $22.00
Pan's Medical Adhesive: Extra Strength, silicone-based, skin-safe glue. 15mL (0.5oz) [MASM]
Medical Adhesive Remover 50mL (1.7oz)
Price: $7.95
Pan's Medical Adhesive Remover: the recommended solvent for removing Medical Adhesive. 1.7 fl.oz. (50 mL) bottle [MAR2]
Poxy Putty Black 30g
Price: $4.50
A two-part epoxy-putty safe to use with bare hands. Use as a sculpting material, gap filler or a glue. Perfect for customizing or modifying your horns, sculpting your own small items, or gluing rigid items together (like your horns onto a helmet!).
Prosthetic Adhesive 15mL (0.5oz) [PASM]
Price: $9.00
Pan's Prosthetic Adhesive: a very strong, latex-based, skin-safe glue 15mL (0.5oz) [PASM]
Prosthetic Adhesive Remover 50mL (1.7 fl.oz.)
Price: $6.50
A mild remover designed specifically for dissolving and removing Prosthetic Adhesive. Also works well on Spirit Gum. [PAR2]