Custom Horns

Bull Horns 10cm

  • 10cm (4.0in) Tall
  • These devil horns are ultra-light weight and can be customized to your preferences for color and attachment method.
  • They come in a range of standard color options, or for a little extra we can paint them with most standard colors where you have a choice of a base color,  texture/detail color, and even glitter if you want it.
  • NOTE: Since we create these horns customized just for you, they can take up to 3 weeks to ship.
Easy to wear with the 3 attachment methods:
(For detailed info click on the "Details" link under the Attachment Method Drop Down menu to the right)
  • The Clear Stretchy Headband method (for wearing in your hair)
  • The Glue-on Skin method (i.e. to your head if you have no hair)
  • The Screw-on method (for a wig, hat, helmet, etc - this style can also be glued to objects with an epoxy putty) 

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