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Kryolan Lace Moustache

Kryolan Lace Moustache 
These Professional Grade prosthetic facial hair appliances are hand tied and styled to exacting specifications. They are the most realistic facial hair appliances you can buy. They have dark red/brown hair which can be tinted with mascara or other makup products to match your color scheme. With care, these appliances can easily last for dozens of applications
Using Prosthetic Adhesive or Medical Adhesive, apply the glue to the area of skin where the appliance will go. Allow the glue to begin to dry and get "tacky" then press the lace backing into the glue and hold firmly for 30 seconds or so. When you are ready to remove it, gently peel the appliance off making sure to hold onto the lace backing. Using some adhesive remover will make this easier. Soaking the backing in remover you can then gently remove any excess adhesive from the lace.
Additional Item Required:
- Skin safe glue: Prosthetic Adhesive or Medical Adhesive
Additional Recommended Item:
- Adhesive remover or acetone

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